Tanning salons in Grand Rapids MI

Choosing the best Tanning Salons in Grand Rapids MI

Spring is right around the corner, and before you know it, it will be summer again. If you live in Grand Rapids, MI and want to get a jump start on your summer tan, there are a number of tanning salons in Grand Rapids MI  to choose from.

Before you start looking for a tanning salon, there are a safety tips to remember about tanning. First, be careful about how much time you spend in the tanning bed, especially when you are beginning to build your base tan. Even though indoor tanning is done in a controlled environment, the UVA rays can still do damage to your skin. If your skin is itchy and peeling after you get back from your first tanning session, then you are probably spending too much time in the tanning bed. You should give your skin a break from the salon for a day or two if that happens. (Check out this resource: Best Tanning salons in Grand Rapids MI: The Important Stuff)

This is a very important point. You should never use indoor tanning lotion outdoors and vice versa. Some indoor tanning lotions contain sunscreen, but not all of them do. You should always use a tanning lotion with sunscreen when tanning outdoors. Be sure to check the label when you choose a tanning lotion. Tanning Salons in Grand Rapids MI

So where are the tanning salons in Grand Rapids MI? If you live in the city proper, you will find dozens of options for your tanning needs. The top rated salon among all tanning salons in Grand Rapids MI is Tropi Tan Tanning in Grand Rapids. Tropi Tan Tanning has two locations, one in Cascade of Grand Rapids and another in Jenison.

Now that you’ve found your tanning salon, make sure that you find a really good indoor tanning lotion. Some of the best brands of indoor tanning lotion can be a bit expensive, but when it comes to protecting your skin from potentially harmful rays, it’s probably worth it to pay the extra expense.

Among the most popular and highly recommended tanning lotion brands is Australian Gold. Australian Gold Crystal XII has been voted the top brand by indoor tanning salon regulars. Of course, there are other brands to choose from. Really, finding the best tanning lotion is different from person to person. You may need to try several different brands and strengths to find the one that works best with your chemistry.

Tropi Tan Tanning Salons

3989 Cascade RD. SE

Grand Rapids Mi 49546

(616) 965-2401

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